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4 Grams Heray Saffron, Freshly Harvested Saffron Threads

4 Grams Heray Saffron, Freshly Harvested Saffron Threads

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  • Heray Spice is an Afghani owned business. The owners of Heray Spice are Afghan American and their families who have been farmers for generations. They previously were US Army linguists in Afghanistan from 2008 – 2014. They have access to their friends and families inside Afghanistan and they travel frequently to import saffron, cumin and other rare ingredients.

  • Heray Spice farmers co-op is cultivating, growing, and harvesting Saffron since 2007. Heray Spice is one of the only few Afghani companies that import pure Afghanistan saffron to international markets.

  • Our saffron adds great taste, color, and smell to any of your favorite dishes.

  • Saffron is famous to be used in rice, bean, tea, paella, curries, chicken and meat. Some other examples of saffron recipes are saffron risotto, and saffron tahdig.

  • Our harvest time is November - December every year. That is actually when saffron is being collected by hands.

  • Our saffron has no additives, no Artificial Dyes, No preservatives, and it is Gluten Free.

  • Herat saffron has been rated as the highest quality saffron for by prestige International Taste and Quality Institute of Brussel.

  • Some of our clients are Regalis Foods, Rare Tea, Parachute Chicago, and Gibson's Group.

  • Our Co-op is consist of 28 family farmers; who have been farming for many generations in the west of Afghanistan. Our company is registered in State of IL, City of Chicago, City of Chicago, and FDA.

Care Instructions

Store in a dark and cool place.

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Heray Spice Coop

Heray Spice food co-op is based in Chicago IL and Herat Afghanistan. We are cultivating, growing, and harvesting Saffron since 2007. We know each one of our farmers directly and personally. We cut the middle-men, and help farmers more by giving better wages. Our saffron is tested according to ISO 3632.3 with Category #1 quality.
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Nesar Ahamd, Ahmadi Jan, Mohammad, Haji Rahman