Sourcing Practices

Our Mission

At Heray Spice, our mission is twofold: to uplift Afghanistan's farming community by paying fair-trade prices for their saffron and other crops, and to promote the cultivation of saffron as an alternative to poppy farming, offering farmers a better livelihood. By making authentic Afghan saffron and spices accessible to chefs and home cooks across the globe, we aim to celebrate the rich culinary heritage of Afghanistan while empowering its people.

Cultivating Hopes One Saffron Threads At A Time

In a world where ethical sourcing and social impact are increasingly valued, Heray Spice stands out as a beacon of change in the spice industry. Founded with a mission to uplift Afghan farmers and provide sustainable livelihoods, Heray Spice is more than just a spice brand; it's a movement for positive change.


Our Values

Growing fresh and flavorful saffron and spices involves a lot of effort, including a hardworking team of farmers cultivating and harvesting the crop, a team of dedicated sourcers & employees, and a knowledgable team of managing the entire supply chain. Here are five core values guiding our sourcing process:



Fairness And Equality For All

Cultivating Sustainability from Field to Table.

Here's what sets us apart in terms of sustainability:

1- Crop Alterations: We embrace natural farming methods that respect the integrity of the crop and avoid genetic modifications or alterations. This commitment ensures the purity and authenticity of our products while safeguarding the long-term health of the environment.

2-Eco-Friendly Farming Practices: We prioritize environmentally sustainable farming methods to minimize our ecological footprint. This includes practices such as organic farming, water conservation, and minimizing the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

3-Long-Term Relationships: We believe in building long-term relationships with our farmers and suppliers based on mutual respect and trust. This stability provides farmers with the security and support they need to invest in sustainable farming practices.

4Fair Treatment of Farmers: Sustainability isn't just about environmental practices; it's also about social responsibility. We ensure that our farmers are treated fairly and paid equitable wages for their hard work. This not only supports their livelihoods but also promotes social sustainability within their communities.

5-Continuous Improvement: Sustainability is an ongoing journey, and we are committed to continuous improvement. We regularly review our practices and seek out innovative solutions to minimize our environmental impact and maximize our positive social contributions.

Guaranteed Freshness and flavor!

At Heray Spice, quality and freshness are not just buzzwords; they are the foundation of our sourcing and production ethos.

Our Certificate of Analysis (COA) accompanies every product, providing transparent and detailed information about its composition and quality. This certificate is a testament to our commitment to integrity and authenticity, giving our customers peace of mind knowing they are receiving only the finest spices.

Moreover, our lab results based on ISO 3632.2 standards guarantee that our saffron meets the stringent criteria for Grade 1 quality. This certification is a mark of excellence, indicating that our saffron is of the highest caliber, with superior color, aroma, and flavor.

Our Certificate of Origin highlights the single-origin nature of our spices, showcasing their authenticity and traceability back to their specific geographic regions. This transparency underscores our commitment to providing customers with premium spices that are ethically sourced and sustainably produced.

In addition to quality assurance, we prioritize freshness in all our products. We take great care to ensure that our spices are harvested, processed, and packaged with the utmost attention to preserving their natural freshness and flavor.

Ethically Sourced, Equitably Shared.

At Heray Spice, fairness is not just a principle; it's a cornerstone of our business philosophy. Our founder Mohammad Salehi grew up in a farming family; his family has been farmers for generations. They still own 6 acres of land under saffron cultivation. 

Mohammad was a farmer for first 21 year of his life, and faced all the struggles and challenges that most farmers face to make a basic living. He built Heray Spice to ensure equitable treatment and opportunities for everyone involved in our supply chain, from farmers to consumers. 

Here's what sets us apart in terms of fairness:

Fair Trade Practices: We believe in fair compensation for farmers who work tirelessly to cultivate and harvest our spices. Unlike some companies that exploit farmers by paying low wages, we ensure that our farmers receive fair prices for their crops. This not only helps improve their standard of living but also fosters a more sustainable and resilient farming community.

We don't bargain on prices, and we pay our farmers on-time.

Transparent Sourcing: We maintain transparency in our sourcing practices, providing clear information about where our spices come from and how they are produced. We know each farmer by name, and feature their stories on our website and on our newsletter every month.

By establishing direct relationships with farmers and cooperatives, we eliminate middlemen and ensure that farmers receive a fair share of the profits.

Empowering Women: We prioritize gender equality and women's empowerment in our supply chain. In many regions where we source our spices, women play a crucial role in farming and production. We actively support women farmers by buying their spices with no bargain, providing them with training, resources, and opportunities to thrive in their communities.

Community Development: We believe in giving back to the communities that support us. Through initiatives such as 5% of our net-income to educational charities like Code To Inspire organization is a testimony of our work and intention.

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