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10 Grams (0.3 Oz) Afghan Saffron, Fresh and Pure Saffron Threads

10 Grams (0.3 Oz) Afghan Saffron, Fresh and Pure Saffron Threads

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Heray Spice Saffron is hand-harvested by family farmers in western Herat province of Afghanistan. We import high quality ISO 3632.2 tested saffron, with color and flavor quality of 272 which is ISO category number one. Our saffron is used by fine dining establishments and home-chefs across the country. We have clients, like Maple And Ash, Parachute Chicago, Drake Hotel Chicago, Gibson's Italia and many more. Heray Spice is owned and operated by immigrants from Afghanistan, who worked as US Army linguists in Afghanistan.

Care Instructions

Store in a dark and cool place.

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Heray Spice Coop

Heray Spice food co-op is based in Chicago IL and Herat Afghanistan. We are cultivating, growing, and harvesting Saffron since 2007. We know each one of our farmers directly and personally. We cut the middle-men, and help farmers more by giving better wages. Our saffron is tested according to ISO 3632.3 with Category #1 quality.
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Nesar Ahamd, Ahmadi Jan, Mohammad, Haji Rahman