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1 Gram Afghan Saffron, Fresh and Pure Saffron Threads

  • Our Saffron is a treasure cultivated in the vibrant fields of Afghanistan, where ideal climate and rich soil contribute to its exceptional quality. Grown with care and harvested by skilled hands, our saffron embodies the essence of centuries-old traditions and a commitment to excellence.
  • Our saffron threads are meticulously handpicked from the delicate stigma of the Crocus sativus flower, ensuring only the finest and most vibrant strands make their way to your kitchen. Each thread holds a world of flavor, fragrance, and vibrant golden color, infusing your culinary creations with a touch of luxury and sophistication.
  • With its distinctive aroma and delicate floral notes, our saffron elevates dishes to new heights. It has a complex flavor profile that combines hints of honey, earthiness, and a slight bitter-sweetness. This versatile spice enhances both savory and sweet dishes, from savory rice and aromatic stews to delectable desserts and indulgent beverages.
  • We take pride in sourcing saffron directly from local Afghan farmers who employ sustainable agricultural practices. By supporting fair trade principles, we empower farmers and contribute to their livelihoods, promoting a positive impact on local communities.
  • Every strand of our saffron represents a dedication to quality, authenticity, and the preservation of cultural heritage. From the vibrant fields of Afghanistan to your kitchen, experience the allure of our saffron as it weaves its magic into your culinary creations, creating memorable moments that transcend taste and aroma.
  • Heray Spice farmers co-op is cultivating, growing, and harvesting Saffron since 2007. Heray Spice is one of the only few Afghani companies that import pure Afghanistan saffron to international markets.
  • Saffron is famous to be used in rice, bean, tea, paella, curries, chicken, and meat. Some other examples of saffron recipes are saffron risotto, and saffron Tahdig.
  • Our harvest time is November - December every year. That is when saffron is being collected by hands.
  • Our saffron has no additives, no Artificial Dyes, no preservatives, and it is Gluten Free.

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Nathalie Navedo

I've purchased twice will buy again.

Thank you for being a loyal customer, and thanks for the 5-star review.

allen tonkin
saffron lover

just the best

Delicious Saffron! But needs better packaging for shipping

Great saffron, delicious in recipes and smells divine! However the packaging could be better. The glass container was outside of the bubble wrap, and moved freely in my package. Thankfully it was not broken but it certainly could have been in the shipping journey. Maybe wrap it in its own bubble wrap next time.