Heray Spice

1 Gram Afghan Saffron + 55 Grams Wild Mountain Cumin

  • Our Story:
    Heray Spice is an Afghani owned business. The owners of Heray Spice are Afghan American who have been farmers for generations. They previously worked for US Army as local linguists in Afghanistan from 2008 – 2014. They have access to their friends and families inside Afghanistan and they travel frequently to import saffron, cumin, coriander seeds, and other rare ingredients. 10% of our net income is contributed to educational charities inside Afghanistan.
    Heray Spice food co-op is cultivating, growing, and harvesting Saffron since 2007. And importing saffron to US market since 2017. The slow gradation of golden color is the assurance that this saffron is 100% pure and never dyed or otherwise adulterated. These saffron threads are also uncommonly warm, delicate with a honeyed, semi-savory fragrance reminiscent.
    Freshly harvested in December 2022, and lab tested according to ISO 3632, with highest CROCIN COLOR of 285+, and Picrocrocin (flavor) 151. Natural Saffron, No additives, No Fillers or Artificial Dyes, No preservatives, Gluten Free, Vegan Product, Non-GMO product.
    Afghanistan saffron has been rated as the highest quality saffron for 6 years in a row, based on International Taste and Quality Institute of Brussel. Heray Spice is one of the only Afghani companies that import pure Afghani saffron to USA.
    Heray Wild Mountain Cumin grows on the pristine land and mountains of Badakhshan, Afghanistan. The local methods of hand-harvesting and sun-drying give these seeds a robust in flavor and smell. Wild Cumin is also famous as Shah Zira in some cultures. Cumin is used in different recipes of curries, soups, rice, meats, in the form of toasted in oil or sprinkled over before grilling or roasting. This is Afghani black wild mountain cumin also known as (Zira) only grows wild on the pristine mountains of Hind Kush Badakhshan, Afghanistan.
    Heray Saffron is perfect to add great taste, color, to any dish. This saffron is famous to be used for rice, bean, Tea, Paella, Pasta, Biryanis, Lamb or Chicken, saffron cake, saffron ice-cream, Moussaka, Bouillabaisse, Curries, Stews, Casseroles, Risottos, Chicken kebab, tea Milk and more recipes of your choice.
    Since this is wild mountain cumin, it has a strong mixed of savory, sweet and warm flavors. You can feel its aroma the moment you open the jar, and you will feel the taste and flavor of it by its penetrating smell and savory taste.
    Afghanistan cumin is famous for being the Shah Zira or (King of Cumin) in India and other South Asian countries. This cumin is harvested only for local consumption in Kabul and Badakhshan and Heray is one of the only few companies that can import rare Afghani cumin and other ingredients.
  • Heray Spice is owned and operated by immigrants from Afghanistan and Heray Farmers Coop who cultivate and grow saffron for a living.
    Our Co-op is consist of 28 family farmers; who have been farming for generations. Heray Spice is registered in State of IL, City of Chicago, City of Evanston, IRS, and FDA.

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Elisabeth Eller
Very flavorful

Great quality, I use this for tea and cooking. Will definitely buy again.