Welcome to our Testimonials page, where you can find out what our customers are saying about our delicious spices!  We take great care in sourcing the best saffron from our cooperative farms in Herat Afghanistan, and we're always looking for ways to improve our products to meet our customers' expectations. We hope that seeing and reading through these testimonials will inspire you to try our spices and experience the difference for yourself!

Finest Afghan Saffron Threads

@HeraySpice Saffron ❤️ Heray Spice produces beautiful saffron + spices while promoting fair trade practice and sustainable agriculture!



Thank you to Mohammad Salehi your saffron is off the charts, the best ever.



Can Good Saffron Change Lives? Mohammad Salehi Thinks So.
The CEO of Heray Spice is not only making saffron accessible to Americans, he’s also providing farmer families in Afghanistan with financially stable avenues and rewards

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Say to the Tahdig Trio- a ceramic flipping platter, cotton Damkoni, and Persian saffron from @herayspice.


I always cook with the best ingredients, @herayspice saffron is the best saffron in the market


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A must have saffron.



Thanks @herayspice for this little jar of amazing quality saffron.



Honey Ice Cream - Made with the highest quality saffron from @herayspice, you can enjoy it on its own or with any number of our pastries here I enjoyed it with a Cardamom Almond Cake.



Been perfecting this fragrant rice dish with saffron from Herat, a far western province in Afghanistan where women rise before dawn to harvest crocus flowers.


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But Salehi’s business model isn’t just about sourcing high quality saffron. “One of the biggest aspects of my company is helping farmers in Afghanistan. Because farmers need a lot of attention here. They are the ones who get the least amount of money in the cycle,”

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Secret ingredient?
@herayspice saffron and the Noosh-e-Joon platter.


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#chicago is ready for the #springtimevibes and I get deep into #seafood. and of course the "real saffron" @herayspice #organicfoods #saffron


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The best gift for saffron comes from Heray Spice Afghanistan Saffron Threads. 


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Heray Spice imports saffron from a cooperative of 25 farming families from two villages in Herat Province. Salehi knows them all personally, and his company pays on average $400-$500 more per kilo than local traders.

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And wow, Heray Spice wild mountain cumin. What a lovely smell and taste. This is one of a kind.


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Just learned the difference of real vs fake saffron by Mohammad Salehi of Heray Spice. 



@HeraySpice Saffron ♥


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@hereheremkt we are excited to have Heray Saffron a part of AAPI Creators Basket.  



was able to speak to the owner of this Afghan owned business @herayspice who sources saffron + spices straight from Afghanistan. As soon as he received this shipment he sent it right over! You guys.... You can smell each one THROUGH the bottles let's support!


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Love the local honey and the saffron addition.



Thanks @herayspice for this little jar of amazing quality saffron.