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2023 in 10 Top Stories: This year, food got greener, more inclusive and went fishing for plants - Heray Spice
Jan 07, 2024
It was a year full of twists and turns, but always something to savor. Sustainability ruled the roost, alt-sweeteners got swept into a whirlwind, California decided to ban 5 food ingredients. As always, there's so much more to devour as we list our Top 10 stories of 2023. At a Glance How one company makes the world’s most expensive spice accessible for all. Farmer-owned co-op Heray Spice sources most of its single-origin ingredients, particularly saffron, in Afghanistan.  California to ban 5 ingredients: Red dye, BVO, and others got the boot, sending shockwaves through the industry. From "tuna" rolls to salmon fillets, plant-based alternatives were no longer just sideshows, but main course contenders. Sustainability ruled the roost: From regenerative farms to reducing waste, eco-consciousness was one of the hottest trends.