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New vision for saffron, the ‘Queen of the Spices’ - Heray Spice
May 05, 2023
Saffron is big business for Heray Spice, a farmer-owned co-op sourcing most of its single-origin ingredients in Afghanistan. As the company continues growth, its founders are finding fresh and innovative ways of developing new products, from saffron oil and saffron liquid to upcycling the flower’s typically unused parts. Audarshia Townsend | Apr 25, 2023 In Afghanistan, saffron is respectfully called “Queen of the Spices” or “Red Gold.” That’s because it’s almost as expensive as gold, said Mohammad Salehi, CEO/co-founder of Heray Spice. “It’s very valuable, which is why it’s given that title.” Saffron and other single-origin spices sourced by companies like Heray, POKS Spices, Spice Suite, Burlap & Barrel and even McCormick remain hot global topics as consumers continue to educate themselves about traceable supply chains. From learning more about sustainable measures and ethical labor practices to human-interest stories about the growers, there’s so much to consider.