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Heray Fennel Seeds, How We Source Ours?
May 14, 2024
Where the fennel is grown, does it all come from one farm or several farms- any specifics on how the climate/elevation/soil of the region is significant to growing of the fennel? Aside from Herati Heray Saffron we are also sourcing some amazing spices directly from Afghanistan. Our single origin fennel seeds are coming from Herat and Ghor provinces of Afghanistan. These are the two main locations that we import our fennel seeds. They come from few farms. A small portion of it is also wild, which is very hard to forage and more expensive. We used to bring only from one farm, but as demand grew now we are bringing from multiple farms.
Fennel Salt Crusted Steak Recipe - Heray Spice
May 12, 2023
Prepare a delightful topping for this fennel-crusted steak by incorporating a portion of our vibrant Fennel Seasoned with Salt. The invigorating saltiness serves to counterbalance the richness of the meat, resulting in an unparalleled steak that is both tender and bursting with flavor—a gustatory experience that will exceed all your expectations.