Her Story Is Our Story: Heray Spice Honors International Women's Day

This edition of our newsletter is dedicated to the extraordinary women of Afghanistan whose resilience and dedication form the backbone of Heray Saffron's success.

Empowered by Love: The Legendary Story of Bibi Gul

May 17th, 2017, Herat Afghanistan.

In the heartwarming image above stands the cornerstone of Heray Spice's journey: my beloved grandmother, Bibi Gul.

Her unwavering support and boundless love have been my guiding light from the very beginning. When I returned to Afghanistan in 2017, driven by a desire to empower farmers and share our precious saffron with the world, it was to her that I turned first.

With determination in my heart, I approached my grandmother, affectionately known as Adi, and shared my dream of bringing saffron to the USA. Despite my limited resources, she offered me her own saffron, insisting that I follow my passion without worry for financial constraints. Her faith in me was my greatest inspiration.

With just 400 grams of saffron, approximately 1 LB, as our starting point, we embarked on this remarkable journey together.

Her selflessness and encouragement propelled us forward, and soon we were able to expand our inventory to 3 LB of saffron. It is a testament to the strength and wisdom of women like my grandmother that Heray Spice has flourished into the thriving business it is today.

From those humble beginnings, we now proudly sell over 250 LB of saffron annually, employing 55 seasonal employees, 36 farmers, 7 employees, touching the lives of more than 120 businesses and 5000 customers each year.

It is a tribute to the extraordinary women whose unwavering support and resilience fuel our success. They are the true heroes behind every milestone and every moment of growth.

—Mohammad Salehi


The Inspirational Journey of Ziba Nabizada: A Tale of Strength and Resilience

Ziba Nabizada’s story is one of resilience and determination. Widowed during the tumultuous 90s, she bravely forged ahead to support her family. 

Today, as one of our founding farmers, Ziba tends to her 5-acre saffron farm alongside her sons and grandchildren, embodying the spirit of perseverance in the face of adversity. Despite the challenges women face in Afghanistan, Ziba's unwavering commitment to her craft has made her a shining example of success in our cooperative. 

Her dedication and hard work continue to inspire us at Heray Spice, reminding us of the invaluable contributions of women like her to our mission.

Ziba’s farm and her video have been featured on our 2023 harvest year documentary. 

Anita Yousofi: The Heart and Soul of Heray Spice

Anita Yousofi, our esteemed Chief Blending Officer & Co-Owner, embodies strength and kindness in every aspect of her role at Heray Spice. 

As the devoted mother of Ethan and Ryan Salehi, she gracefully balances the demands of parenthood with her unwavering dedication to our business.

Anita's expertise as a certified cosmetologist and gifted Afghani & Persian chef infuses every blend she creates with unparalleled quality and flavor. 

From our beloved Omani Zat'ar Blend, featuring a harmonious blend of savory herbs and spices, to the fiery kick of our Harrisa, Anita's creative genius shines through in each product.

Her innovative touch extends to favorites like Sumac, known for its tangy citrus notes, and the exotic aroma of Omani Persian Black Lime. Herati Mint, with its refreshing essence, is another testament to Anita's culinary mastery.

Anita's invaluable contributions serve as the cornerstone of Heray Spice, enriching our offerings and delighting our loyal customers. Her unwavering commitment and visionary leadership make her an indispensable asset to our team, and for that, we are deeply grateful.

From our founding farmers to our blending artisans, and from our steadfast supporters to the nurturing mothers behind the scenes, their tireless efforts and unwavering commitment have shaped our journey.

This International Women's Day, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the women who inspire us with their strength, resilience, and compassion. Thank you for your invaluable contributions to our success and for being the driving force behind our mission to share the finest spices with the world.

Thank you for reading our this week newsletter. See you all next week..

— Anita & Mohammad 

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