Herati Green Coriander Seeds 45 grams (1.7 Oz)


Heray Coriander Seeds grow from Cilantro plant on the pristine lands of Herat, Afghanistan. The cilantro plant’s flowers produce the seed pods, and after they are dried, the coriander seeds are harvested. The local methods of hand-harvesting and sun-drying give these seeds a robust in flavor and smell. Coriander is one of the ancient spices that grows for thousands of years in Afghanistan.

These are pleasantly sweet with flavors of pepper and mint. Heray sources coriander from Herat region of Afghanistan which is the province where Heray Spice was born. Coriander seeds add citrusy zest to savory and sugary recipes.

Heray Spice is a social enterprise with a mission to help rural farmers by bringing their spices to international markets and paying them with fair-trade principles.
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Quick Facts

Tasting Notes: Cilantro Root, Green Plants, Sweet-minty

Origin: Herat, Afghanistan.

Net Wt. 2 oz. (55g)

Ingredients: 100% Coriander Seed (Coriandrum Sativum)

Distributed By: Heray Spice LLC

A Public Benefit Corporation Based in Chicago, IL, 60613

Spices are filed by weight, not by volume and may settle after packing.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent quality!

Finally used the spice in some rice dish I was making. The quality is unrivaled. After learning the story of the founder, I had a new appreciation of the company.

Thank you for your kind reply. We wish you enjoy it.