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Heray Fennel Seeds, How We Source Ours?
May 14, 2024
Where the fennel is grown, does it all come from one farm or several farms- any specifics on how the climate/elevation/soil of the region is significant to growing of the fennel? Aside from Herati Heray Saffron we are also sourcing some amazing spices directly from Afghanistan. Our single origin fennel seeds are coming from Herat and Ghor provinces of Afghanistan. These are the two main locations that we import our fennel seeds. They come from few farms. A small portion of it is also wild, which is very hard to forage and more expensive. We used to bring only from one farm, but as demand grew now we are bringing from multiple farms.
National Restaurant Association NRA 2024
May 13, 2024
Back in May 2019, after two years of tireless dedication, I walked the halls of the NRA Show, dreaming of the day when I could proudly exhibit my own booth and showcase our products to the world.  The National Restaurant Association Show (NRA) holds a special place in the hearts of those in the food service and restaurant industry, known for its prestige and trustworthiness. Fast forward to today, and I'm humbled and overjoyed to announce that Heray Spice (EnSaffron) will be back at the NRA Show, this time at the 2024 edition from May 18th to May 21st at McCormick Place Chicago! It's been a journey fueled by the hard work of my farmers, my dedicated team, and myself, and we're honored to have the opportunity to exhibit once again. Join us at booth 9357 LakeSide, where we'll be sharing the rich heritage and exquisite flavors of our premium Afghan saffron and spices. Whether you're a seasoned chef, a restaurateur, a writer, or simply a passionate foodie, this is your chance to explore our authentic single-origin products and elevate your culinary creations to new heights.
Saffron Green Tea With Cardamom
May 07, 2024
Saffron, known as the "red gold" of Afghanistan, graces our tea with its vibrant hue and luxurious aroma. Harvested in the city of Herat, our saffron threads are prized for their unparalleled quality and all-red color, a testament to our commitment to sourcing only the finest ingredients. Beyond its culinary allure, saffron boasts a myriad of health benefits, from uplifting mood to aiding in weight loss—a delightful indulgence with every sip. Complementing the saffron's richness is the delicate essence of cardamom, adding depth and complexity to our green tea blend. Sourced from the lush landscapes of the Middle East, our green cardamom infuses our tea with its signature aroma, elevating every cup to a sensory experience.
What Makes Our Saffron Different?
Mar 23, 2024
Fresher & More Flavorful: Our saffron is meticulously hand-picked and processed, sourced directly from generations-old farms in the saffron heartlands of Herat, Afghanistan. The threads are carefully hand-harvested and sun-dried using traditional methods, ensuring the saffron's vibrant color and rich aroma. Single Origin Excellence:We directly source our saffron from local farmers in Herat, Afghanistan, renowned for their expertise in saffron cultivation for centuries. The region's unique climate and fertile soil contribute to the exceptional quality of our saffron, which has been treasured for generations. Transparent Sourcing:Each thread of saffron can be traced back to the moment it was hand-picked and processed, guaranteeing transparency and quality control at every stage of production. Our commitment to traceability ensures that you receive only the finest saffron in every jar.
Her Story Is Our Story
Mar 10, 2024
This edition of our newsletter is dedicated to the extraordinary women of Afghanistan whose resilience and dedication form the backbone of Heray Saffron's success. Her Story Is Our Story: Heray Spice Honors International Women's Day.
saffron related questions and answers on purity and quality of these crimson threads of corcus
Mar 06, 2024
Welcome to our Saffron FAQ blog, where we address common questions and provide insightful answers about this exquisite spice. Stay tuned to enrich your saffron knowledge! In this week's exploration, we delved into the queries posed on AnswerThePublic.Com, aiming to address the top 20 questions surrounding saffron. Why saffron is costly? Saffron is costly due to several factors. Firstly, it's labor-intensive to harvest as each flower must be hand-picked and only a few strands are obtained from each. Additionally, saffron requires specific climate conditions to thrive, further limiting its production. Moreover, saffron's unique flavor, aroma, and vibrant color make it highly sought after in various cuisines and industries, contributing to its premium price.