Heray Spice Processing Center Herat AFG.

We Re-opened Our Saffron Facility in Herat Afghanistan

Nov 11, 2022Mohammad Salehi

(This post was originally published on: 01/09/2022)

We are excited to announce that our processing facility center in Herat Afghanistan is back open.
After 4 months, we finally recalled some of our partners and employees and opened our office and facility.

We are not back to full capacity yet. However, we are are working hard to bring all of our partners and employees back to work.

This year our saffron production experienced a decrease in amount because the domestic political conflicts in Afghanistan. Also, drought and Covid caused major decrease in saffron production and processing.

We are striving to cultivate, grow and harvest Herati Afghanistan saffron. And import you the fresh Afghani saffron on time. We appreciate the support, thoughts, and motivation of you all to help us make this happen.
Best regards,

Mohammad Salehi & Team Heray Spice

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