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Superior Heray Spice Afghan Saffron: Updates on 2023 Improvements

Jul 06, 2023Mohammad Salehi


Afghan Saffron is known for its strong and intricate fragrance, which is its most notable feature. Heray Saffron is classified as a "Superior Category" Saffron, indicating that it contains over 200 units of color (u/c), with an average of 297 u/c. Our Saffron is 90% more potent than other saffron products currently available in the general US Foodservice market. The image provided shows a sample label displaying the crop control tracing.


Heray Saffron is carefully packaged under the supervision and numbering of the Heray Spice Cooperative. We guarantee the authenticity of the product's origin. We have implemented a crop control program for the 2022 harvest, which ensures complete traceability of the Saffron from the various farms and farmers involved, through the processing and packaging stages, all the way to your hands.

We adhere to a highly traditional method of harvesting Afghan Saffron. Our crop control program ensures that the Heray Superior Afghan Saffron distributed under the Heray Spice brand is free from any contamination by pathogens, pesticides, and heavy metals. The product is analyzed and packaged in Chicago, following the parameters of the GFSI standard.



Saffron cultivation has experienced significant growth in the past two decades, primarily due to Afghan farmers, particularly women, transitioning from opium cultivation to saffron. This shift has opened up new perspectives and potential for business opportunities. Initiatives like the Afghanistan Competitiveness of Export Oriented Business Activity (ACEBA) and companies such as the Heray Spice Cooperative focus on enhancing the performance and value of saffron in the market for goods and services. The Afghan Zafaran Consortium, funded by USAID, also supports saffron farmers and processors, helping them develop new business opportunities that contribute to the prosperity of their communities. According to the Afghan Zafaran Consortium, 2,777 farmers have received cash assistance to date.



Heray Spice is dedicated to providing high-quality saffron products while promoting sustainable and ethical practices. We work closely with saffron farmers in Afghanistan, particularly in the Herat region, to ensure the cultivation of saffron adheres to the highest standards. Through our partnership with the Heray Spice Cooperative, we support local farmers by providing them with fair prices for their saffron crops and empowering them with the knowledge and resources to improve their farming techniques.

At Heray Spice, we believe in preserving the cultural heritage and traditional methods of saffron harvesting. Our team works closely with farmers to educate them on best practices for planting, nurturing, and harvesting saffron flowers. This ensures that the saffron is harvested at the optimal time, guaranteeing its exceptional quality and aroma. By promoting sustainable farming methods, we strive to protect the environment and the long-term viability of saffron cultivation in Afghanistan.

Furthermore, we place great emphasis on quality control and traceability. Our saffron undergoes rigorous testing and analysis to ensure it meets the highest standards of purity and safety. The crop control program implemented by Heray Spice provides complete traceability, allowing us to track the saffron's journey from the farms and farmers through the processing and packaging stages. This ensures that the saffron reaching our customers is of unparalleled quality and free from any contaminants.

Heray Spice is committed to making a positive impact on the saffron industry in Afghanistan and the lives of the farmers we work with. By promoting sustainable practices, supporting local communities, and delivering exceptional saffron products, we aim to showcase the rich flavors and unique qualities of Afghan saffron to the world. We take pride in our work and the opportunity to contribute to the growth and success of the saffron industry while empowering the farmers and preserving their cultural heritage.

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