Saffron Chicken

Saffron Chicken (Afghan Style)

Nov 11, 2022Mohammad Salehi

Every culture cooks chicken in different methods and with different spices. Today is the Afghan Style Saffron Chicken Version :)

In Afghani Saffron Chicken, the following few things make the biggest difference: saffron, chichen, garlic, and marinade.


List of Ingredients with measurements:

25~30 saffron threads/ground and dissolved in water

Black pepper 1 tablespoon

5 fresh clove of garlic 

Salt half tablespoon

Garlic powder half tablespoon

Chilli peppers 0.25 tablespoon (add more if you want spicy)

Turmeric half tablespoon

1 whole chicken

1 lemon

4 tablespoons vegetable oil (olive oil is preferred)


Cooking directions

First, add the chicken, fresh garlic clove, and two tablespoons of saffron dissolved liquid in half a pot of water and boil the chicken for 15 minutes.

Second, mix your spices together. 

Third, add all of your spices inside the lemon juice, saffron dissolved water, and oil. Mix them very well together, and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. 

Fourth, marinate the kitchen really well with your above lemon-oil-spices-sauce (I just made this word). Then,  I usually leave it in the fridge overnight for marinade. Marinate at least for 3-5 hours, so you get all of the flavors. 

Fifth, put your chicken in the oven for 45-60 minutes at 380 degree fahrenheit. 

Lastly, remove the saffron chicken and enjoy it.

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