Ethical Trade for a Better World: Our Commitment to Chicago Fair Trade Organization - Heray Spice

Ethical Trade for a Better World: Our Commitment to Chicago Fair Trade Organization

Feb 25, 2023Mohammad Salehi

Heray Spice Joins Chicago Fair Trade Organization to Further Its Mission of Ethical Trade and Sustainable Livelihoods

 Chicago Fair Trade Organization (CFTO) is a non-profit organization that aims to promote fair trade principles in the Chicago area and beyond. Founded in 2006, CFTO has grown to include more than 70 business, institutional, and individual members who share a commitment to ethical trade, sustainable livelihoods, and environmental sustainability. The organization works to raise public awareness about fair trade and advocate for policies that promote fair and sustainable trade practices. Through its various initiatives and programs, CFTO strives to create a more just and equitable global economy, where all workers and producers are treated fairly and have the opportunity to thrive.

Heray Spice, a local Chicago business with a social mission to support farmers with better wages and provide chefs with high-quality spices directly sourced from Afghanistan, is proud to announce its membership with the Chicago Fair Trade Organization.

We are excited to announce our partnership with Chicago Fair Trade. Spices of life

As a farmers' co-operative based in Herat, Afghanistan, Heray Spice brings farmers together to train them on food safety, standard packaging, and safe processing of saffron. The co-operative ensures that farmers are paid based on fair-trade principles and that they cultivate saffron instead of poppy, promoting a safer and better future for everyone.

Through its partnership with Chicago Fair Trade, Heray Spice aims to further promote ethical trade and sustainable livelihoods for farmers, particularly those in Afghanistan. The organization's triple bottom line approach aligns with Heray Spice's own values of supporting people, the planet, and profits.

Heray Spice's contribution to the world goes beyond providing high-quality spices. In 2018, the business launched the Heray Education Fund, where it contributes 10% of its net-income to educational charities inside Afghanistan. Every jar of Heray Spice's spices sold helps to support the community of farmers and educational charities inside Afghanistan.

By joining the Chicago Fair Trade Organization, Heray Spice is taking a step further in its commitment to ethical trade and sustainable livelihoods. The organization is proud to work alongside the other members of the Chicago Fair Trade coalition in promoting a more just and equitable world.

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