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Global Village Gift Set Worldly Spice Wonders (1 Gram Saffron + 7 Other Single Origin Spices)

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Embark on a Culinary Expedition with Our Global Village Collection!

Elevate your dishes with these globally sourced treasures, each contributing a distinct note to your culinary symphony. Farm to table, straight to your kitchen—experience the world through our curated collection.

This exquisite set features:

  • 1-gram jar of Saffron harvested from the fields of Herat, Afghanistan.
  • Explore Middle Eastern flair with our Harissa Spice Blend, Omani Za'atar, and Coban Black Lime.
  • From Turkey, savor the unique Urfa Sumac.
  • While India contributes aromatic Black Mustard Seeds.
  • Journey to Sri Lanka with Cardamom Cloud Forest.
  • And with the exotic Star Anise from Vietnam.

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Joan DiLeonardi
She loved it

It was a birthday gift for a grand daughter who is an adventurous cook. She is really excited to use the spices.