Heray Spice

Alta Verapaz Allspice (2 Oz)


Allspice, originally known for its 'all-in-one' flavor, has been a culinary treasure for centuries. Harvested from the lush mountains of Alta Verapaz in the Coban region of Guatemala. This evergreen tree bears tiny berries that are carefully handpicked and sun-dried on the very farms where they grow. Our dedication to quality ensures only the finest berries, meticulously cleaned of any impurities, reach your table. We meticulously sort, discarding stems and undersized berries. Some stems inevitably remain to preserve the authenticity of this remarkable spice. Elevate your Caribbean, Mexican, and Middle Eastern cuisines, with its warm, sweet, and savory allure.

Heray Story:
HERAY SPICE is more than a spice brand; it's a heartwarming journey. Heray Saffron was born from the desire to support Afghanistan farmers, ensuring they receive fair-trade wages for their hard work. With a mission to uplift communities and build a better future, we empower local farmers and work to make their saffron accessible to the world. Explore the flavors of Afghanistan at HERAYSPICE.COM.