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Spice Trio Gift Set (2 Oz Wild Cumin, 1gr Afghan Saffron, 2 Oz Black Lime)

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Amaze your senses with our exquisite Spice Trio Gift Set, featuring single-origin treasures harvested with care and precision. Immerse yourself in the rich aroma and flavor of Wild Cumin from Badakhsan, Afghanistan, harvested in August 2023. Experience the luxurious touch of Afghan Saffron from Herat, harvested in November 2023, and savor the distinctive zest of Black Lime from Guatemala, harvested in July 2023.

Wild Black Cumin 2 Oz: Elevate your dishes with the earthy and robust notes of Badakhsan Wild Cumin. Perfect for enhancing the depth of flavor in stews, rice dishes, and grilled meats.

Afghan Saffron 1 gram, Unleash the vibrant essence of Herat Afghan Saffron to elevate your culinary creations. Add a pinch to risottos, paellas, or desserts for an opulent touch and a burst of golden color.

Black Lime 2 Oz: Embrace the exotic flair of Guatemalan Black Lime to your cooking repertoire. Grind and infuse into marinades, soups, or roasted vegetables for a tangy, citrusy twist that transforms your dishes.

This Spice Trio Gift Set promises an unparalleled journey through diverse flavors, making it an ideal gift for those who appreciate the artistry of authentic, single-origin spices.